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Rezensionen zu: XLC BMX U-BRAKE

Wednesday, 18. July 2012

Bewertung: TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Autor: Gast
Rezension: (Misc.) First of all I am not a bike expert take my word what it is worth for. I boghut Dahon Jack D7 in May 2010 and have put on about 900 miles on it. I wanted to drop a few pounds and found it too daunting to jog for an hour daily. Instead, I boghut this bike as a lazy man's work out machine. I rode an average of 300 miles per month for 3 months during last summer and fall on bike paths around Pelham parkway Shore road Orchard beach area in the Bronx. I must say that I enjoyed riding this bike. More importantly, it didn't need any maintenance during this time, except inflating the tires couple of times. It held on pretty well. For the coming season, I got it serviced (before 1 year free servicing assurance it came with ran out) already. On the plus side it's light, sturdy, and feels comfortable for a 180 lb guy. It runs pretty smooth on mud roads and bike paths. Schwalbe Big apple tires are pretty good (and pretty fat) and you do not need the extra balance/expertise of the Pros to ride on them. I paid the extra bucks for this bike for the sake of its portability. Folding is pretty easy and takes about 10 seconds. I live in a 3rd floor Apt. moving it up and down is pretty easy for an adult (It weighs about 13 Kg). Once folded it fits into the trunk of mid size sedans. Gears shift seamlessly and Derailleur works fine. Seat post doubles up as an emergency pump. On the negative side, adding fender/splash guards is pretty tough job, especially the front one. I tried couple of them but finally gave up. For the rear fender, I boghut a SKS X-Tra-Dry Fender and it worked fine. Given that it is a folding bike, it is not that easy to design add-on friendly frame. Another annoyance is the seat. It's too small and hard as a rock. I boghut some seat cushions but it still feels tiny for the comfort ride pain around the butt, literally! It is significant issue because this bike is not for hardened Pros it is built for casual riders. One more minor annoyance is that because of the folding design, you cannot fit in a big bottle holder (and big water bottle). The pictures you see on the web are slightly misleading (including on Dahon website). It is all-black frame bike; not the grey colored frame as seen. I boghut it from Brands Cycle store in Wantagh (Long Island), NY for $529 (plus tax). They throw one year free service and the servicing part is pretty impressive. I got it serviced in under an hour and all was done in one trip. I have seen Costco selling double suspension disc brake mountain bikes for under $300. The price tag (currently $599) is probably on the higher side for this bike. However, if it is not your main concern, this is a nice bike to get and you will enjoy short commutes as well as casual rides alike. I was tempted to give it 5 stars; however, it looses a star because of its price to performance ratio.

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